Our Mission is to graduate every student prepared for success beyond high school.

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United Way

United Way Week: September 16th – September 23rd Goal = $12,000

Penny War- It is a competition between the classes to see who can raise the most money. An hour lunch will be awarded to the winner, and only the winners. There will be jars in the commons at lunch, in the 100 and 200 halls and in the freshman wing between classes. **Remind your students that pennies count FOR their class and silver/paper count AGAINST. Each group can sabotage the other.

Donuts - PALS will be selling donuts on Tuesday morning, September 20th for $1 outside room 214, 112 and 329.

Hour Lunch - For $3 students can buy an Hour Lunch on Friday, September 23rd. We will place an envelope in your box and PALS will be by to collect the money.

Hat Passes- Hat Passes will be $3 and will be good the week of September 19th – 23rd.

Singing Telegrams- PALS will be selling singing telegrams for $3. A student can purchase one for a friend and the PALS will sing during focus period over the next few weeks.

Nitro Ball

Click on the TAME Logo to register.


Deadline to register is October 15th.

Voter Registration

The voter registration deadline for the November 8, 2016 General Election is Tuesday, October 11, 2016.Students that are 17 years, 10 months of age may register, and can vote in the November 8 election if they will be 18 years of age on Election Day. Applications are available at the Randall County Annex, in the AHS Counseling Office, or on line at


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Parent, Teacher, Student Organization

Parents, Teachers, and Students working together to make AHS great!

We encourage you to join our PTSO at AHS, please see the following attatchment for membership and information.

AHS PTSO (click here)

Snack Shack

Weekend meals are provided by Snack Pack for Kids to those students in need.
If you need food for the weekend simply fill out the form located under the "Snack Shack" link at the top of the page. Select the teacher you would like to pick up the food from on Friday afternoon. Snack Shack in anonymous - only the teacher you select to pick up the food from will know about it. You may meet with that teacher to designate a time to pick up your Snack Shack bag.


Amarillo ISD has moved to e-flyers. In order to recieve any flyers fromAISD, parents will need to sign up through the AISD website. (Click thePeach Jar Graphic on the left of this page for a direct link). Once yousign up, flyers will be distributed to your e-mail daily or weekly,depending on what you choose.


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This portion of the web page can be viewed from within AISD, if you have completed the Qualifier for Differentiated Filtering course.  If viewing from out of the AISD network, it works best if you are NOT currently logged on to your Facebook account.